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This old joke made me laugh!

2009-01-06 13:22:40 by vdorod

In infants class the teacher asked the whole class to tell a story connected with their own family and
afterwards state the moral or the story.
Jenny was first." My Dads a farmer and when the chickens laid their eggs we put them all in a big basket and drove to the market. But on the way, the car hit a bump in the road and the basket fell over and all of the eggs smashed on the floor.... And the moral of the story is , dont put all of your eggs in one basket".
David was next." My Dads a farmer aswell and when we collected eight eggs we put them into an incubator. But only fourof them hatched.... And the moral of the story is dont count your chickens before they have hatched."
Billy was next. " My uncle Ted was shot down whilst flying a mission in the Iraq war. He parachuted to the ground and all he had with him was a flask of whiskey, so he drank it. He was surrounded by
twenty armed enemy soldiers and he killed them all in a few seconds with his bare hands."
The teacher said " That was a very interesting story Billy but what was the moral?"
" Well" said Billy " Dont fuck with Uncle Ted when hes had a drink."

Less is more?

2008-11-14 18:13:03 by vdorod

There is less in this than meets the eye.¿

We as artists, if thats what we call ourselves, have the power to show others what they would not otherwise have seen. Pablo Picasso claimed that in his art he had always aimed to fight like a revolutionary. Art, he said, was not so much something to prettify the home as a weapon in a political struggle. That is one way it can be used. No doubt the weaponry is only as powerful as its user. The user therefore would have to have the ability to portray what is unseen in a visible and persuasive manner and to have a place to showcase the work to many people. Creativity through flash animation is another way to use this power. Does the animator feel a bit like God, making his or her creations move, deciding what they do, their appearance, etc etc? Deciding who dies, when and how.
Why do we want to make other people laugh with silly drawings? Why do we bother at all? Is there not enough other things to get on with in our lives? We enjoy doing it is one answer... But is there another reason hidden inside us that nobody has found? Will it take an Artist to point this out to us, what is unseen to ourselves about ourselves? How would they know? How do they come up with original thoughts that stand strong and powerful and persuasive....thoughts that break into NewGrounds?

Just how many?

2008-08-18 10:46:28 by vdorod

I thought its about time I tested this.... How many people actually visit my user page. If you visit and leave your name saying something like FUCK OFF or something , or even HELLO, I dont mind. Think of it as a creative experiment. GO ON LEAVE A MESSAGE... DONT BE SCARED.


2008-07-11 07:19:22 by vdorod

I like inspiration when it happens. Sometimes you can find it when you look for it. At times it happens when you are least expecting it. My inspiration comes from the thought that I will find some soon.